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Session on Fossils by Dr. Vivesh V. Kapur,Scientist ‘D’, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences

Session on Fossils by Dr. Vivesh V. Kapur,Scientist ‘D’, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences

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We all were mesmerised and amazed when we saw Dinosaurs for the first time in the movie Jurassic park. It opened up a whole new world of excitement and fossils became a common term for all of us. But still, a lot more needs to be understood about this special field of study called Palaeontology. To unfold these secrets, a session based on fossils was conducted by Dr. Vivesh V Kapur, who is a scientist in Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences on 25th January 2022. It was a very fascinating and informative session about the intriguing world of fossils. 

He started with a brief introduction to the establishment of this institute highlighting the contributions of Dr. Birbal Sahni, the founder of the Institute of Palaeosciences. He then explained some basic vocabulary and concepts about fossils, such as formation of fossils, petrified fossils, permineralization, and different trace fossils. He also showed pictures of his own expeditions and field research related to collection of specimens, and various tools used by palaeontologists. He gave an insight into the stories of evolution which have been uncovered by these fossils emerging all throughout the world. He mentioned how it’s more of a hobby for him instead of a profession, which was clearly visible from the kind of work he presented

Palaeontology is not just another branch of Science, it actually touches various other subjects such as Geography, History, Art, Statistics, General awareness etc. which again emphasises on the interdisciplinary approach in Education. Overall, the session gave us a plethora of information about the various aspects of study related to fossils, their excavation, their preservation and their use in studying the Evolution of life on Earth.

Warsha Sawant

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