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ROLE PLAY Marvelous Me Grade KG

ROLE PLAY Marvelous Me Grade KG

The last day before the summer break was a day of celebration for the KG children of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, as they enacted the role of their favourite family member virtually. The role play was based on  the current theme ‘Marvelous me’ It was wonderful to see these little ones idolizing their mother, father or grandparents for different reasons.

The theme was integrated with the EVS topic – My family.  So while one child wanted to do yoga and have a strong body like his dad, another wore a business suit and sat on an office chair like his father. Naomi was very creatively dressed, half as her mum and half as her dad. Another kid dressed like his granddad who is a doctor. It was heartening to see both parents and grandparents involved with the kids through this entire session. All the children participated wholeheartedly in the activity.  Role-play enables children to recreate the things they’ve experienced, and helps them to become more articulate and confident.

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