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Rocketry Challenge

Rocketry Challenge

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On 17th November’18 the students of SAJS, Lucknow had an exciting workshop. The task was to design Stomp Rockets for grade 1st to 3rd , Hydro Rockets for grade 4thto 6th and Whoosh Rockets for the students of 7th to 9th. The workshop was conducted in three sessions by Dr. Sarvesh K  Bhardwaj -Astrophysicist from The Scientific Development and Research Organization (SDRO). The organization nurtures scientific curiosity with astronomical education and uncovers the excitement of space exploration through their outreach programs for academic leaders, educators and students. Dr. Bhardwaj told the students about the importance of astronomy and also apprised the students about space technology being an upcoming field in India and abroad.

The children were excited to make their rockets and even more excited to launch them in the playground. Dr. Bhardwaj patiently answered the questions asked by the children and addressed them as ‘Young Scientists’. He was so in awe of our children confidently asking questions and also the finesse with which they were making their rockets that he announced two special prizes.

Apart from knowing the basic Physics behind launching a rocket,the hands on experience helped the children to understand how an appropriate shape and direction of wings helps a rocket to propel in the desired direction. The SDRO team from Delhi thanked the Principal Ms. Poonam Kochitty for her support and presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the school.








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