Affiliation No: - 2132980 | Period: - 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2023 | School Code: - 71048 | Affiliated till Senior Secondary

Riveting Story Telling Session by Rohini Vij Storyteller / Educator

Riveting Story Telling Session by Rohini Vij Storyteller / Educator

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“In the most impressionable age, a good story can instill the right ideals.”

Bringing joy to the pupils’ days by telling them amazing stories A story-telling session was held, with plenty of life and passion. Storytelling improves children’s linguistic skills, fosters a love of reading, and stimulates their imagination. On May 9, 2022, a storytelling workshop by Ms. Rohini Vij, a known NutSpace storyteller, was held for the students of the Primary wing to enhance their abilities to listen and read. She began the lesson with a game of “Simon Says” to grab the pupils’ attention, followed by three riveting stories. “Peace with Buddha,” “Service with Guru Nanak,” and “Kindness with Mahavira” were the stories. The session takeaways were understanding the wisdom of great saints like the Buddha, Mahavira, and Guru Nanak. It was an interactive session that taught children to be empathetic, kind, selfless, and other values in their daily lives. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled story drama workshop.

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