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Rendezvous-2019, The 1st Town Hall Meeting

Rendezvous-2019, The 1st Town Hall Meeting

Rendezvous-2019, The 1st Town Hall Meeting

21st September’2019 was a Red-Letter Day for the entire Jaipuria fraternity of Lucknow and Kanpur as it marked the celebration of Rendezvous-2019, The 1st Town Hall Meeting. This momentous day began with the unveiling of the mascot ‘Spark”. Mr.Anubhav Singh, the music teacher at SAJS Lucknow and the creator of Spark outlined the idea behind designing the mascot and thanked Ms.Shikha Banerjee, Principal SAJS Kanpur for aptly naming it Spark. Rendezvous began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp followed by a short introduction to the programme by the Vice President HR of the Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions Ms.Anjali Khanna. She spoke about the intention behind the Town Hall Meeting and said that on one hand it is a platform for the employees to interact with the management and on the other it gives an insight to the employees about the organization they are working in. A short film of Rendezvous-2019, The first Townhall Meeting in Ghaziabad was shown by her.

Mr. Vinod Malhotra, the Advisor of the group in his brief address said that teachers shape the children to be future ready, therefore it is important that they should not teach, rather they must ensure that learning is happening. He outlined the importance of smile and said that when the teachers enter the class with a smile a lot of positive energy follows. He stated that the founders of the Jaipuria Group wanted to empower the new generation and therefore they stepped into the educational arena. He emphasized that teachers should move from memorization to conceptualization. According to him the teachers should just be ‘sakshi’ and give the students the spark to move ahead.

The Director Mr.Harish Sanduja emphasized that the teachers must learn the productive use IT. He said that technology is an important tool to bring about transparency in the system. He however stated that Google will never be able to replace teachers in the classrooms. He highlighted the importance of a good parent and alumni connect in empowering an organization and reiterated the fact that teachers must work towards making the students, future sensitive global citizens.

The Director’s address was followed by the much awaited award ceremony. Ms.Poonam Kochitty, Principal SAJS Lucknow announced the long service awards that were given to three teachers from SAJS Kanpur. It was a proud moment when Mr.Anubhav Singh and Ms.Reetu Pandey from SAJS Lucknow received the Special Achievement Award. They got a citation and a cash prize of five thousand rupees.

The Chairman, Mr Shishir Jaipuria rightly pin-pointed the rapid changes happening due to the technological boom in all the sectors. He said that a plethora of new jobs will emerge in the future and apart from the core skills, social-emotional skills will play a huge role in defining an individual. He spoke about his grandfather and said that he was a visionary who realized the need to prepare managers and entrepreneurs. He stated that, the need of the hour is to move faster than technology and to reform and perform.  In his address, the Chairman clearly outlined the importance of parent trust and connect and said that their aspirations must be understood and looked into. He shared that true leaders are those who create more leaders and spoke about three P’s, purpose, passion and personalization in a profession.

He said that one must be determined and data driven with focus on structuring the ecosystem and should move with agility, carefully incorporating design thinking. He thanked all the teachers for relentlessly and whole-heartedly working for the group.

The address of the dignitaries was followed by a question-answer session of the employees with the management. The Chairman Mr.Shishir Jaipuria  answered the concerns raised by the employees with patience and diligence.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr.Ashley  Fernandez, Vice Principal SAJS Kanpur and Mr.Pankaj Rathore, Headmaster SAJS Lucknow. Ms.Divya and Ms.Shilpi Kumar were the main comperes for the day and they ensured the audience a smooth running stage.

The first Town Hall Meeting came to an end by a scrumptious and appetizing lunch that was served to all.

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