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Primary School Council Addresses the Students in a Special Assembly

Primary School Council Addresses the Students in a Special Assembly

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House meet and Special Assembly
Primary Wing (7.5.22)
“A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.” – Helen Rice

The Assembly in the Primary wing started with the House meet wherein all the newly appointed Office bearers were introduced to the students of Classes I-V. The students of these classes assembled in the Open to sky area in the Junior Campus. The newly appointed Office bearers- The Head Boy & The Head Girl marched with the School Flag and introduced themselves.

They were followed by the Captains and Vice Captains of the different Houses along with Editorial Heads, Media, and Cultural Heads. The students were also made aware of their House Masters/Mistress. Information about the upcoming events was also shared with them.

Once the House meeting was over, Ms Raj Maitri conducted a Special Assembly which was on Mother’s Day. A video related to the topic was shown and the students were asked questions like- Why do they think mothers are important? How would they like to wish their mothers on this Mother’s Day? Children also learned about the various ways by which mothers are addressed in different languages. Ms Anuragini and Ms Anuradha graced the occasion by reciting their self-composed poems on mothers which were appreciated by all. Children thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. Many of them were bubbling with new ideas for wishing their mothers. Some said they would be making a card, some said they would cook and bake something special for their mothers.

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