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Pre-Nursery Earth Day Celebration

Pre-Nursery Earth Day Celebration

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“Live in each season as it passes

breathe the air, drink the drink,

taste the fruit and resign yourself

to the influence of the earth.”

-by Henry David Thoreau

Earth Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the fragility of our planet and eco system. Earth Day celebration at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, grade Pre nursery started on Monday with great zeal and enthusiasm.  This entire week will be dedicated  Earth Day awareness. On the first day children were shown the video: “The Earth Day”. This video had “Little Earth Charter Words” which helped the children understand our planet as well as improve their vocabulary.

Our 2nd day session began with circle time. Topics discussed during the circle time were: water conservation, recycling plastic, watering the plants and keeping our city and school clean. Students of the Pre Nursery grade actively participated in discussions related to Covid-19 “ quarantine and the positive aspects the lockdown  has had on the environment”. We ended our 2nd day session with a fine motor tearing and pasting activity, where the children made mother Earth.

For the upcoming days of this week we have a storytelling session on “The Very Hungry caterpillar”. During this session the caterpillar puppet is going to make conversation with pre nursery kids regarding the Earth day. The puppet will be talking about: How beautiful our Earth looks with lush greenery around, how melodious do the birds sound chirping up above in the sky and how crystal clear the sky has become in the recent days. The purpose for the Earth Day celebration is to develop children’s , cognitive social and emotional skills. The tiny tots took a pledge to keep their environment clean and help their parents in watering and nurturing the plants.


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