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PRE-NURSERY Celebrates the power of SHRI HANUMAN

PRE-NURSERY Celebrates the power of SHRI HANUMAN

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Gurur Brahma

Guru brahma gururvishnuh,Gurur devo maheshwarah |

Guruhsakshat parabrahma,Tasmai shri guravenamah ||

What started with the idea of getting the children to dress up as monkeys, actually evolved into the enactment of the Ramayan especially around Shri Hanuman. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School firmly believes in inculcating strong ethical and moral values in their students. The celebration kicked off with the chanting of the devotional shloka Gurur Brahma by Ms. Preeti Mishra, the music teacher.The Pre-Nursery children joined in virtually, dressed up as “Little Hanumans”. Then followed a bhajan and the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa. The Parents of Pre-Nursery students also participated with great zest in this celebration. Much to our surprise (pleasant) Mr. Joshi, father of Aadhya Joshi, recited Hanuman Chalisa in a single breath. During the entire session, the children were excited to display their Hanuman Ji getup. They were thrilled to be interacting with their peers and flaunting their attires. In the end of the kids were shown an animated film on Lord Hanuman. The teachers also narrated a story on Lord Hanuman. The entire session was very much appreciated by the parents and enjoyed to-the-hilt by the children.

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