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Poetry – The voice of my heart

Poetry – The voice of my heart

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The poem “Darkness” depicts the positive side of darkness and how darkness can be our best friend. Darkness is the best keeper of secrets and never laughs at our situation. In today’s world people run after fame and glory or strive to be in the lime light but there are people facing problems and living in a dark and gloomy world.

To me darkness is a friend and this is what I have tried to express through my poem “Darkness”.



Everyone loves the glow of light

While I like darkness, which embraces the night

She is the one who wipes my cheeks dry

She stands out distinctive, silent and shy

She is the one who shares my failures and pain

She taught me to be humble, instead of vain

She strokes my cheeks and whispers in my ears

Her mere presence drains away my fears

How much I enjoy her silent company.

Her glamour rises and falls in perfect symphony.

She is the cause of sleep, the owner of night.

I hail thee darkness, the sister of light.









Adina Khan

Class IX-A






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