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Pet Day Report on February 18, 2020

Pet Day Report on February 18, 2020

“Until one has loved an animal , a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”, an apt assessment by French poet, journalist, and novelistAnatole France.

The ethos of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School,Lucknow resonates with the idea of inculcating the value of sympathy , empathy and unconditional love in the minds of their students towards all beings. In keeping up with this tradition, ‘The Second Annual Pet Day’ was held in the school today where a large number of pets came to the school along with their caretakers .

A variety of pets showed up which included dogs , cats , birds , a golf fish and a rabbit.All students from nursery to the senior classes met the pets and interacted with the owners.The students were thrilled to see the pets and enjoyed petting them . Many students got overtheir apprehension and fear of animals and showed keenness to know the animals better.

Dogs of many breeds like Labradors, Beagles, German Shepherds, Pomeranian and Pugs came to participate in the event.The students were enthralled with the beauty of the beautifully adorned three Persian cats that came for the event, affectionately named ‘Ginger’, ‘Lexi’ and ‘Gucci’.

The pre- primary students specially enjoyed observing the rabbit and loved touching the dogs. Their excitement was palpable in their squeals of delights. They asked innumerable questions about the age , habits and diet of the animals.

All the students were told about how these animals add value to our lives by giving us unconditional love and being the best stress busters available to us .It was endearing to observe that the parents took out time from their busy schedules to bring their pets to school. Their contribution to this cause is much valued by the school.

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