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Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking

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Outdoor Cooking- An Exposure to Practical Learning and Survival Skills

On November 1, 2018 we had outdoor classroom activity. There were three activities- cycling, kite flying and cooking. These activities were organized to show children that we can learn many things outside the classroom like team building, dividing work and responsible behavior.

We decided to take part in cooking activity which is a survival skill. We had to make beverage-‘Tea’. The students were divided in a group of 5. For us, it was our first time to make tea, and it was filled with fun, frolic and lots of learning. We had to make our own choohlas(stoves) with bricks and burn camphor dried leaves and wood sticks in it. The simple recipe of aromatic ginger tea was followed. The flavorsome tea was made with the efforts of all the students. We were told to be magnanimous, by serving tea to the helpers and staff members.

We were delighted to complete this activity and we are grateful to our Principal ma’am and teachers who gave us this opportunity.



ManshaVerma and Sanskriti Singh

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