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Online Dance Competition for Grades VIth to VIIIth

Online Dance Competition for Grades VIth to VIIIth

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Dance competitions are a great way to engage children creatively. Dance is a means of self-expression through fluid movements and rhythm. It can keep the spirits high even under stressful times and it captivates people almost anywhere and everywhere through the emotions in motion.

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow, Performing Arts has always been at the forefront. During this lockdown an online dance competition for the primary group had already been conducted. Therefore in the month of May a competition  for the middle school was floated . A couple of entries came in and the students were judged based on the rubrics shared with them.

We feel happy to share that Jhanvi Gupta of class VI has been declared the winner. Heartiest Congratulations to her! Enjoy her dance video and send in your valuable comments.

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