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Online Art Competition – 14th August 2020

Online Art Competition – 14th August 2020

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School level competitions are about more than just participation and winning prizes; they can play a major role in uncovering and nurturing inbuilt natural talents of the students. This is especially true for the art competitions where the students find a platform to display their creative and artistic abilities. As a part of Independence Day Celebrations at SAJS Lucknow, a tattoo making competition was organised for the junior school and a face painting competition was organised for the senior school on the 14th of August 2020.

The competition took place in two rounds, and six students were selected for the second and final round for face painting, whereas there were eight students in the second round of tattoo making. This competition was conducted live over zoom and it was fun to see the little ones making tattoos on the hands of their parents or siblings. The senior students too were very excited and painted some marvellous designs on the faces of their near and dear ones. The competition successfully took place under the guidance of the two Art mentors-Ms.Vasundhra Maurya and Ms. Sushmita Mishra.

The results are as follows-

CATEGORY 1st 2nd 3rd
1st& 2nd Priyanka Rai

Class I B

Shaarav Sharma

Class I B

Kanishk Dixit and Vivaan Tiwari
Class 1B
3rd to 5th Kushagra Mishra

Class 4A

Vanya Gupta

Class 3A


Arpit Tripathi and Ojas Singh

Class 4A

  6th to 11th Devansh Agarwal

Class 11


Priyanshu Nigam

Class 10B

Ishita Deshwal

Class 6A and

Shreyansh Sharma

Class 6B

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