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One Man Can Make a Difference

One Man Can Make a Difference

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During these difficult times, people are going through challenges which they have never experienced throughout their lives. And in this period of challenges, a man thought of doing something for others in need.

He initiated some projects with an aim to make a difference.

He started free online classes for all ages to build skills and to keep his students creatively engaged during lockdown.

He started a campaign called Let’s Talk, to deal with mental health problems one on one with the help of professionals. He got thecampaign registered and came up with an Online Helpline Number.

Moreover, being an artist, he summed up this phase of life into a song – Sun Le Dua – which is against depression and suicide. The song reflected his belief that only God has the power to transform a person’s life.

The song went live on YouTube, people started commenting and after reading some of the comments, he literally had tears in his eyes on seeing how the song had become a blessing for so many and touched lives positively.

And that man is none other than our Music Teacher of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow, Mr. Anubhav Singh. He’s committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

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