Affiliation No: - 2132980 | Period: - 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2023 | School Code: - 71048 | Affiliated till Senior Secondary

Olympiad Winners

Olympiad Winners

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SOF-National Science Olympiad

Aradhya Mishra 1 A Gold Medal, Medal Of Distinction
Divyanshu Prajapati 1 A Gold Medal
Kushagra Mishra 2 A Gold Medal
Fariha Rida 3 Gold Medal
Drishaan Palliwal 4 A Gold Medal
Shruti Yadav 5 A Gold Medal
Aditya Jain 6 Gold Medal
Devansh Sigh Yadav 7 B Gold Medal
Hrishika Diwakar 8 B Gold Medal
Krishna Tulsyan 9 B Gold Medal
Aryan Rastogi 10 Gold Medal
Khushi Yadav 9 B Silver Medal
Kushagra Tripathi 7 A Silver Medal
Shruti Sharma 7 B Bronze Medal
Vaibhav Maurya 9 B Bronze Medal


SOF-National Science Olympiad

SOF-National Cyber Olympiad

Aradhya Mishra IA Gold Medal, Certificate of Zonal Excellence
Kushagra Mishra 2A Gold medal
Drishaan Paliwal 4A Gold Medal
Shivam Chandra 8A Gold Medal
Krishna Tulsyan 9B Gold Medal
Anurag Pathak 9A Gold Medal


SOF-International Mathematics Olympiad

Dhriti Shukla 1 Gold Medal
Riddhima Raj 2 Gold Medal
Prakhar Singh 3 Gold Medal
Vedansh Singh 4 Gold Medal
Vaishnavi Mishra 5 Gold Medal
Sanskar Singh 6 Gold Medal
Devansh Singh Yadav 7 B Gold Medal
Saksham Srivastava 8 B Gold Medal
Ayush KumarMaurya 9 B Gold Medal
Aradhya Misra 1  Silver Medal
Mohd Arham Siddiqui 2 Silver Medal
Kanishka Tiwari 3 Silver Medal
Elina Sharma 4 Silver Medal
Animesh Mishra 5 Silver Medal
Aditya Mishra 6 Silver Medal
Abhinav Singh 7 B Silver Medal
Hrishika Diwakar 8 B Silver Medal
Krishna Tulsyan 9 B Silver Medal
Divyanshu Prajapati 1 Bronze Medal
Kushagra Mishra 2 Bronze Medal
Fariha Rida 3 Bronze Medal
Arnav Kumar Singh 4 Bronze Medal
Aaryan Tripathi 5 Bronze Medal
Abhiyudai 6 Bronze Medal
Swati Yadav 7 A Bronze Medal
Aditya Jaiswal 8 A Bronze Medal
Akshat Yadav 9 B Bronze Medal


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