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“Old is gold”……. Reliving the Past.

“Old is gold”……. Reliving the Past.

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No matter where we go,

No matter what we do,

It’s our roots that hold us firm,

and our values that keep us true.

At Seth Anandaram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, we believe that culture, traditions and values play an integral part in education. In today’s fast paced world, full of packaged goods and factory-made things, we have become enslaved to the idea of branding and marketing and have forgotten our age-old practices.

To instil in students’ awareness about age old practices – ‘Back to Basics’ and ‘Old is Gold’ activities were conducted over a span of two weeks in the school. The entire school took part in this initiative. The first session began on 6th February 2019 , when students were asked what people might have used before soaps, shampoos, cosmetics were invented. They were then shown live demonstrations of making ‘Face packs, face scrubs etc. using house hold kitchen items like -turmeric,gram flour, oats, fresh cream, honey, banana, aloe vera etc. They were also told about the various benefits of Amla, Shikakai, Ritha,Henna etc for hair care.Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and some gladly applied these pastes on their faces. They got a hands-on experience of making traditional beauty products which are chemical free and environmentally safe. They realised that nature’s bounty caters for everything.They also realised how we have become over dependent on shower gels, shampoos & other products that are full of chemicals when compared to pure home made products.

This initiative was taken further in the following week on 13th February 2019, by telling students about traditional and healthy food items that are nutritious as well as tasty. Many children these days prefer packaged snacks and ready to eat meals that are full of preservatives. To counter the influence of factory-made food items, students were told about many healthy snacks that are both tasty and nutritive. The teachers and students together made healthy food items like – Sprouts,Salads,Puffed Rice Chaat (Bhel Puri) etc.Students were taught how to make Sattu (ground pulses and cereals) Sharbat, Jal-jeera etc.They were told about the health benefits of various ingredients. Students understood the value of homemade things that are pure. They experienced a sense of pride as they engaged in these activities. Furthermore, they understood the ill effects of packaged goods.The truly learnt the value of the adage ‘OLD IS GOLD’ through these activities.



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