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Nurturing Education

Nurturing Education

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De Pedagogics is a Global Training partner of Microsoft in Education to offer wide range of training programs offered by Microsoft. In 2015, De Pedagogics started with a passion of nurturing education. This year in the month of February-20 they turned five. They celebrated their 5th anniversary through a 5-days Learning Festival!

Through these 5 days they had planned to engage the educators in 5 different ways.

On 15th February’20, Saturday they had conducted Nurturing Education WEBYTES. It aimed towards sharing educator expertise in using EdTech tools which have helped in creating effective teaching learning environments in their teaching learning journey. Each WEBYTE had 2 speakers and it ran for 40 minutes each. It was started at 10 am and continued till 7 pm in the evening. Every hour there was a new webyte.

Few teachers of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow have attended some webytes namely , Digital assessments (Using Forms), Unleash creativity in classroom  with Photoshop, Managing and manipulating data using AI (In Excel), AR VR MR in the classrooms (Using Mixed Reality feature of 3D paint and Photo editing app of Windows 10), Ipad as tool of expression, Learning Portfolios using Teach Tools.

All Webytes were meant to access the best global practices from our home, school or classrooms.

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