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Night Sky Observation

Night Sky Observation

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On Thursday, 18th April ’19 ‘Night Sky Observation’ activity was conducted in the school premises in collaboration with, ‘The Scientific Development Research Organization’ (SDRO). Their objective entails inspiring and triggering questions about the Universe in the minds of researchers, astronomers, educators, young space enthusiasts, aspiring astronomers, and even young children to look up into the night sky and wonder what lies beyond us, perhaps even beyond the solar system that we have been taught about in schools.

As the idea was floated across classes, there was an overwhelming response from the students. The timings for the workshop were 5p.m to 10p.m and over 180 students participated in the event.

We were quite apprehensive till 18th morning whether we could get the stargazing activity conducted as the weather was being really mischievous. The clear and bright sky by afternoon was a green signal giving us the message that Good Things Happen with Good Intentions.

Though it was a long day for the teachers on duty but the beaming faces of the young participants as they entered the school at 5p.m was a great energy booster.

Dr. Sarvesh K Bhardwaj, an Astrogeologist conducted the workshop. He started with an activity in which the children from grade 4th to 10th made a star map that shows the alignment of the stars on the date and location of your choice. The students of grade 1st 2nd and 3rd could just not control their excitement as they were making a 3D model of the moon. They wanted to do all the cutting and pasting themselves.

Once it was dark outside, Dr.Bhardwaj along with three students arranged the telescopes on the terrace and children in batches of 15 went to witness the moon and the nebula. Though it was time to go home at 10p.m but a few students wanted to further explore the universe and be there for a little more while. The SDRO team has been kind enough and has gifted us a telescope so that our young space enthusiasts can happily explore and connect with the universe more often.



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