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Natural Cleansers Workshop-2021

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All must pay the debt of nature.’-Anne Proulx

On 17th July 2021, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow conducted a day workshop for students of Grade III-Von DIYNatural Cleansers. Ms.Karishma Chaudhary along with Ms. Elizabeth was invited to conduct the workshop.

Ms. Karishma Chaudhary is a bachelor in Architecture and the co-founder of Paakshantar, who heads the Production and Procurement division. Ms. Karishma who is an architect by qualification chose to quit her mainstream job to work on sustainability. She along with Ms. Aparna Pathak a bachelor in Architecture founded Paakshantar, New Delhi. It is a zero-waste social enterprise working on water conservation through a circular economy model by creating local and hundred percent natural products. This organization is committed to providing us with zero chemical, daily health care products that are made from kitchen ingredients sourced from our villages. Their mission is to reduce water pollution caused due to cosmetics.

In the workshop, Ms. Karishma trained the young minds of the primary section to look after and take care of their hygiene by using natural products available easily in their homes.

She taught the children how to make toothpaste, face wash or face scrub, body scrub, and shampoo by using common ingredients such as pink salt, turmeric, clove powder, neem powder, lintel powder, rose petal powder, Shikakai, aloe vera, and fuller’s earth commonly known as ‘Multani Mitti’.

The children of the Primary section were enthralled by making their products along with the facilitator. She taught the audience to consciously think about the products that they used for most ingrained practices of our daily routine like brushing teeth, taking baths, washing hair that in general pollute water, and also brought about an awareness of simple alternatives that can save nature.

The session ended with the inspiring words of the Principal Mrs. Kochitty and the Head Mistress Mrs. Monica Taneja. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School is a signatory school committed to sustainable development goals and therefore a member of the Global Schools programs. The school has pledged to support and promote SDGs in every capacity and it is their conscious effort to provide educational opportunities for the students to engage in the same.

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