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The School Playground Comes Alive Again…

The School Playground Comes Alive Again…

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The School playground comes alive again…


Sports may seem like it is only limited to some physical activity in an open field, the purpose of which is fun and fitness. However, its essence spreads farther than that. It inculcates unimaginable values in our lives. These are tolerance, goal setting, perseverance, right attitude, devotion, mental strength, patience, team spirit etc.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow proudly believes in and promotes the idea of working towards building the character of students alongside imparting education. Hence, sports holds a fundamental place in school. The National Sports Day is celebrated on Dhyan Chand’s birthday on August 29 to honour the Hockey legend. On August 26, the Jaipurians celebrated the remarkable day with great ardour. What made it even more extraordinary was that children stepped onto the open field after a long period of time. All necessary precautions were well taken care of. The students were counseled and trained accordingly.

The celebration was led by the Sports Faculty. It consisted of Relay Race and Fun Games like, ‘Flip the saucer Cone’ and ‘Tug Of War’. The participants, dressed in their sports attires, were ecstatic. The audience was equally thrilled. The sight was so enthralling that it compelled us to believe that sports is an emotion. The cloudy skies echoed of bird-like choruses of children and teachers delightedly cheering for the ones on the green field.

The Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, motivated and supported the children. Her presence added to the glory of the celebration. The Headmaster, Mr. Pankaj Rathore did the rounds, cheered for the participants, spoke to the audience, guided them about the nitty- gritty of being motivating onlookers.

The overall sight was that of glee !
Class X-B stood first in the Relay Race and Class XII-Science, stood second, in it. The third place was grabbed by Class XI-C. It was a splendid start of the day and an immensely fruitful observation of The National Sports Day !

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