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Naach Na Jaane Aangan Tedha – Ms. Anuradha Shanker

Naach Na Jaane Aangan Tedha – Ms. Anuradha Shanker

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This book named “Naach Na Jaane Aangan Tedha” is written by Ms. Anuradha Shanker, a Hindi Teacher from Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow.

This book is a short fantasy novel, which presents an imaginary event of history to the readers in a very interesting and mysterious way. The title of this book has been chosen on the basis of its story, which is based on an incident in this novel. This incident connects all the characters in the entire novel to each other and leads to the end of the journey of imagination.

Ms. Anuradha Shanker shared her views on what made her write the book.

“I have been active in the field of writing for 10 years. Whenever I am having stress, I write, because it makes me forget about my problems and my stress. Writing is like an anti-anxiety medicine for me. I think this what all writers do ‘When they write they are themselves in each of their characters and they are living their every emotion on their own.’

I got the inspiration to write a book from Dr. Nityaprakash and Premchand is my favorite writer. At the time of this epidemic, I got the courage to complete this book from our Principal, Ms. Poonam ma’am, who always inspires us to do something new and teaches us not to stop till life is there.”

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