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My Heart Speaks…

My Heart Speaks…

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.“We often use the quotation when we introduce someone who holds a position of repute in an organization. But what if, if one gets to work with one such individual. How would this everyday experience be? How would it feel to be with someone who always Walks the Talk? How would it feel to work with a boss who shares the same passion-of raising children who are more tolerant, compassionate and empathetic.

Well, my blog refers to none other than my dear Principal Ms.Poonam Kochitty. Going back to the answer of the question and sharing the everyday experience, I must admit that it’s just mind boggling. The more closely I get a chance to work with her, the more I am in awe of her.
It often makes me wonder as to how she is able to handle every task with such ease and calmness and finesse. Her smiling face simply brings life to our school. In the last two and a half years that I have worked with her I have not only groomed myself professionally but have also learnt some very important life lessons.

In four days from now we have the TATA exhibition coming up in school. This has been the most crucial phase ever since I have been here. This is so, because a few teachers are attending workshops in Delhi, two of them seriously ill and two have just joined our Jaipurian family. With such a dearth of staff we are covering seventeen ventures of the TATA Group in seventeen rooms of our school campus.

In the exhibition, from discussing the layout of each room, to reading the script given to each child, from understanding the décor of each room to selecting songs for the inaugural ceremony, she is seen everywhere doing multiple tasks simultaneously. A minutest error cannot get unnoticed under her eyes.

So one morning she calls me to her office and tells me that I need not worry as she will take over the room allotted to a teacher who is ill. It simply leaves me speechless. Every day I see her taking sessions with the children to apprise them about the 150 glorious years of the Tata Group, their values, ethics and the code of conduct. Recently I even saw her mentoring the Physics and Chemistry class apart from the regular Geography classes that she takes.

Of late I got to know that she is reading out a book to the senior most class of the school. So, one day she just read my eyes and said, ’I love doing all this, it gives me happiness’. She often talks about ’Good Karma’ and how it comes back manifolds and the power of positive thinking in one’s life.

Once I took a written feedback from the senior most class and sought answer to the question that what would they miss the most once they leave the school. To my surprise almost 95% of the children wrote that they would miss their Principal. Isn’t this enough a response that needs no explanation and substantiates what my heart feels day in and day out.

How can one not be inspired to learn more, do more and become more from a mentor like her who has put her life and soul in grooming the teachers and students alike.

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