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My First Amazing Online Class

My First Amazing Online Class

Problems are like washing machines they twist us ,spin us and knock us around… But in the end we come out cleaner, brighter and better then before. While the world is struggling with corona virus outbreak, the creative solution from various fields are blooming strongly.Schools are being closed ,people are asked to quarantine themselves and public places are shut off. As a result video communication platforms are the daily norm. In recent times E Learning is grabbing everyone’s focus. Today I had my first online class through zoom and the experience was astounding.We started our day with the morning prayer, which gave a very important message that we humans are never satisfied with what we have and always are in search for more. We take everything for granted.

Then we started our first class which was Math. The class was amazing. The value that I would implement in my life after this experience is, that  there is always a solution to every problem existing.

Kritika Bansal
Class VI-C

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