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My Assembly on Chandrayaan-2

My Assembly on Chandrayaan-2

One day my class teacher Priyanka Ma’am asked if anyone wanted to create an Assembly presentation they could. I took it as a great opportunity to prepare a presentation. At that time the project Chandrayaan -2 was going on, I thought that ISRO would be an appropriate and interesting topic to take up. Unfortunately, the assembly got postponed. It was then held later. My presentation consisted of three parts, a brief introduction of ISRO, major missions of ISRO and future missions. I also incorporated a few videos in my presentation. But as luck would have it there was a power cut which paused my presentation. At that time Principal ma’am asked me to conduct a quiz. I asked several questions from students. The assembly went really well and I received a lot of appreciation from my teachers and friends.

Written by
Aditya Jain

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