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MUN Report

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The Model United Nations is a platform to encourage political thought and dialogue amongest the students all over the world. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School encourages students to participate in such events as they broaden the horizon of our students and empower them to become effective change agents and leaders of the future.

The students of our attended their first MUN of this session, in our sister concern in Ghaziabad. The Jaipuria MUNC 2019 that was held in our Vasundhara Campus on 3rd and 4th of August 2019. The MUN saw a participation of close to 250 delegates from schools of Delhi and NCR.

 A total of 12 students represented our school in the various committees. The students experienced exhilarating sessions of debate and discussion on burning topics like Cyber Security, Politicization of the Military Forces and the Human Rights violation. The day long sessions taught the students the art of political analysis and problem solving. The students learnt how to come to a consensus and recommend a solution for the agenda at hand. Most importantly, the students learnt the finer nuances of conducting meaningful research and oratory skills.

Five students were given verbal mentions during the awards ceremony namely –

  1. Ayush Jain of 9B and Saumitra Saran of 10A (delegates representing China in the General Assembly).
  2. Devansh Agarwal of 10A (Caricaturist)
  3. Ananya Tripathi of 10A (Reporting)
  4. Anubhav Shukla of 10 B (Photography)

The other members of the team included Aditya Sharma (10 A), Aviral Shukla (10 A), Vageesha Gupta (10 A), Adina Khan (10 B), Aryaka Srivastava (10 A) and Devang Tiwari (9B) and Manya Kadian (9C).




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