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Ms. India International Zoya Afroz visits Jaipuria School

Ms. India International Zoya Afroz visits Jaipuria School

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Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow initiates experiences that stir young minds to become self-driven and sensitive individuals. The school strongly believes in enabling children to make a difference through small acts. The Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty sets an example by practicing all that she preaches and encourages her students and staff members to do the same.

On 5 October’21, the school proudly hosted Miss India International 2021, Ms. Zoya Afroz.  The Beauty Queen left everyone wonderstruck with her grace, poise, beauty, and confidence. Her achievements lie in films, televisions, commercials, education and training, modeling, to name a few! Along with her, there were two other guests, Mr. Nikhil Anand, the Chairman of Glamanand Entertainment,  Chairman of Miss Multinational, Miss Teen International, Glaman and Supermodel India, Miss Teen India.  He is the youngest Beauty Pageant Entrepreneur who started Glamanand to organize beauty pageants and a great educationist and environmentalist, Mr. Rajiv K Shrivastava who had founded Act Now, a global network for environmental awareness, sustainability, and Peace.

The objective of their visit was to promote and inspire students to take charge of paying the debt of nature. Someone rightly said, “Plant a tree, even if it is your last deed.” It indeed is time to metamorphize from talking to doing, as the Earth is what we all have in common.

The princess-like guest,  Ms. Zoya, whose core goals are environment and women empowerment, planted a sapling in the school premises. The Principal Poonam Kochitty, the Head Master, Mr. Pankaj Rathore and the Head Mistress, Ms. Monica Taneja too, joined the cause. The guests proceeded to the School Auditorium and were warmly welcomed by the students and the staff. The gleaming faces and thunderous claps resounded in the entire hall. The Principal presented a small token of love to each guest. She also addressed the audience and apprised them of their achievements. She expressed gratitude to the guests and also mentioned that the school is soon to inaugurate its Radio Jockey Studio and that there couldn’t have been a better first guest than Ms. India International.,

Each of the three guests addressed the gathering and inspired them. The children then had the chance to interact with Ms. Zoya which was followed by a group photograph.

 The Headmaster proposed a vote of thanks and stole the hearts of everyone, with his heartfelt words, anecdotes, and words of wisdom.

The guests also graced the Radio Jockey Studio of the school, where they were interviewed by students.

It was an amazingly fruitful day that did leave everyone, motivated and delighted!

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