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The Model International News Hour 2021 was conducted by Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, on 10 July 2021. The theme of the event was a simulation of an International News Platform where representatives from different countries from across the globe had joined to share their views on ‘Climate Change’ and to take collaborative action in the direction. Seventeen representatives participated and put forth the problems faced by their respective countries.

The event began with the rules of the event being shared with all the participants like the time limit, the parameters for judgement and the rules for rebuttal. Thereon, the news anchors, Ananya Tripathi and Aryaka Srivastava, called upon the representatives one by one to share the problems. The student representatives spoke about their research with reference to the problems faced by their countries and suggested various collaborative approaches which can be taken up for the same. There was excessive enthusiasm amongst the students for the rebuttal where they cross-questioned each other on their speech. Immense presence of mind was reflected amongst the students when they calmly and intelligently responded to their co-representatives.

Towards the end, we had the panel of judges sharing with the students their valuable feedback. Ms Poonam Kochitty highlighted how some of the students spoke really well and were always calm. Moreover, she stressed upon the significance of correct pronunciation and more detailed research before such events. Mr Pankaj Rathore also appreciated students on their effort and hard work but advised them to research about the other countries beforehand. He was extremely surprised to see that no one questioned China on the production of bio weapons. Ms Shilpi kumar further encouraged the students to be confident and be mindful of the importance of rebuttal questioning. Furthermore, Ms Manika Sahai and Ms Deepika Gupta appreciated the great number of participation for the event and advised students on how to prepare for such events in the future.

The results were as follows:
Winner: Mihir Tandon
1st Runner up: Devang Tiwari
2nd Runner up: Ria Sawant

Overall, it was an event conducted successfully where the students participated in large numbers and engaged in in-depth research beforehand. The event fulfilled its purpose of making students aware of SDG 13 i.e. climate action and also emphasise upon the need for climate action. The school will look forward to organising more of such interesting events in the future.

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