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Minecraft Challenge

Minecraft Challenge

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“Most attempts at gamification currently miss the mark, but successful and sustainable gamification can turn customers into fans, turn work into fun or make learning a joy”

The Minecraft Education Challenge is a skill-based contest. The goal of the challenge is to inspire the development of creative design solutions in Minecraft: Education Edition from students.

Four students Nirvi Khanna, Nirwan Singh, Sankalp Tripathi, and Devansh Tripathi of grade VA of Seth Anandram school, Lucknow had participated in the Monthly build challenge of February-22. The theme of the challenge was “Sustainable & Attainable”. The objective of the challenge was to think of ways to make living in and around your home more sustainable and suggest some attainable ways to make this world a better place.

We are proud to announce that our students have secured the 3rd position in Nort East region Finalist (Beginner’s level). Through Minecraft, they built a Sustainable House based upon SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”

Congratulations to our students.

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