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Microsoft Skype-A-Thon 13-14th November, 2018

Microsoft Skype-A-Thon 13-14th November, 2018

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Each year, Microsoft conducts a 48-hour global learning event- Skype a Thon that brings classrooms together, using Skype to not only deepen students’ understanding of the world beyond their classroom walls, but also to help them become global citizens. This year it was held on 13th and 14th November and our school being a Microsoft School participated in it.

This year’s Microsoft Initiative aims to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal; ‘Quality Education’ and to make a positive change in the world by connecting students from various backgrounds, cultures and faiths. This year’s skypeathon  was extra special as the money earned from participating and travelling every 400 virtual miles would be donated to help the students of WE, an organization that makes ‘doing good doable’.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow has been working in close quarters with Microsoft and making SDGs a way of life, since the past year and a half.

Our first Skype session held on 13th November was a Virtual Field Trip to Miyawaki Forest with The Ashok Leyland School, Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

A Miyawaki forest is based on a concept introduced by a Japanese Botanist, Akira Miyawaki, in which a variety of plants are grown in such a way that each plant contributes towards the growth of the other plants in the forest. The students of The Ashok Leyland School briefed our students about the different varieties of plants, they had planted and why they chose flowering plants such as neem, hibiscus, champa, etc. They discussed about Panchkavya (cow dung, urine, and milk, curd and ghee) can be used to keep the soil fertile. It was an interactive session as the participants were curious to find out what motivated them to take such an initiative? How were the plant varieties chosen?Do they use any kind of chemicals to ensure better growth of plants?

Each of their queries was quite satisfactorily addressed by the students and their teacher Mr.Chandra choodeswaran. Overall, a very fruitful session as it motivated them to think beyond the books and work towards an ecofriendly and sustainable environment.

The Second SessionSing around the world’ gave the students an opportunity to interact with their counterparts in Hungary and share their musical heritage. It was a session where the participants had to share folk songs. The aim was to generate a folk song collection from all round the world. Our students shared two folk songs with them. One was a Haryanvi bhajan “Bata mere yaar Sudama re” and the other “Shiv Bhola Bhandari”.

The Primary School, Hungry sang one song and played two instruments, a flute and a violin. The mellifluous performances from each side left the other asking for more. It was indeed a great cultural exchange through music.

The Third Session was again with the students of The Ashok Leyland School, Hosur, Tamil Nadu. It was called “The Values for Kids”. The students apprised each other about the values which are a way of life in their respective schools like Respect For Elders, Never break others trust, Ability to Sacrifice, Importance of a Good Education, Honesty Matters, Learning to

be Helpful, Empathetic and Spiritual.

It was quite an amazing session of exchange of the Moral Values for Children to Lead a Great Life.


The Fourth Session was held on 14th November, 2018. It was a “Cultural Cooking Exchange” with at Nova Army School in Russia. It was an exciting day for the students of grade V as they were not only celebrating Childrens’ Day but had also travelled many virtual miles to interact with the grade VII students.

The session began with the exchange of pleasantries. Shruti Yadav of class V introduced our school and shared the information about our festivals and the foods prepared during

those festivals.

Our children gave a demo of preparing “Nariyal ladoos” and “

” and our friends from Russia shared a presentation on how to prepare ‘Bliny – Russian Pancakes. The session ended with a promise to exchange recipes and try out the dishes.

 The end of the two day Skype-a-Thon gave the students an opportunity to break through the walls of the classroom and interact with their peers all over the world. It gave the students firsthand information on various subjects, a chance to share their stories and at the same time spark empathy and compassion in students around the world.




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