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Math is Fun

Math is Fun

Non-Standard Measurements

Hello Friends!

I am Aarya Arun Pandey from class 1-B. I study at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow. I am here to share my observation about today’s Maths class.

Today our Maths teacher (Sudha ma’am) taught us about non-standard units of measurement. We got to know how to measure things with the help of our hands and fingers. When we have to measure small things, we take the help of our fingers it is called Digit Measurement technique, a little bigger thing shall be measured with the help of the Finger or Handspan method of measurement while comparatively larger things are to be measured with the help of Cubit technique.

I and fellow classmates had fun measuring our study table and various things around us. We also played a quiz on quizizz related to length and measurement, where we measured the length and height of different comparative objects. The quiz activity made things clearer for us.

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