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Manak Inspire Award – Ajitesh Singh of Class VI

Manak Inspire Award – Ajitesh Singh of Class VI

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‘Children are naturally creative, it’s our job to give them freedom, material, and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential’.

A similar pursuit led Ajitesh Singh of Class VI B to win the Inspire Award- ‘Manak’. This award, INSPIRE(Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) scheme is one of the flagship programs of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The INSPIRE Awards – MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge), being executed by DST with National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF), an autonomous body of DST, aims to motivate students in the age group of 10-15 years and studying in classes 6 to 10. The objective of the scheme is to target one million original ideas/innovations rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among school children.

Ajitesh was selected for his idea of designing a pen with a sanitizer at its other end which has become an essential requirement during these pandemic times especially for students and office going people. Instead of carrying a hand sanitizer separately to school. Every child can carry a sanitizer pen with him and he/she can use it immediately after regular intervals to avoid infections.

The Selection of ideas/innovations was based on novelty, social applicability, environment friendliness, user-friendliness, and comparative advantage over the existing similar technologies. Ajitesh’s idea was chosen amongst the best 1000 ideas/innovations which will be showcased at the National Level Exhibition & Project Competition (NLEPC) and then the top 60 innovations will be shortlisted for national awards and future direction.

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