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Malaysia Diaries on 24th of November 2019

Malaysia Diaries on 24th of November 2019

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Travel is the ultimate Education.” Travel is perhaps the best way to widen the horizons of one’s mind. It provides new experiences, a chance to observe the culture, food, language and sights of new places. It is possibly the best teacher, and learning happens in the most pleasurable way.

On Sunday, the 24th of November’19, a bunch of boys along with two staff members embarked on an adventure to Malaysia via Kolkata. For most of the boys it was their first overseas trip, and they were understandably excited. After an overnight journey the team arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport and without wasting any time, headed straight to the famous Batu Caves in Selangor Malaysia. The caves are housed in a limestone hill with an imposing Murugan Statue at its entrance. Over 250 steps lead up the hill to the caves. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu Shrines and there were several other Hindu temples at the site. The group then headed to Genting Highlands and as we drove up the scenic lush hills to a height of nearly 2000mt above sea level, the temperature dropped considerably. We checked into the First World Hotel, awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest number of rooms in a single hotel-7531. The magnitude and opulence of the hotel left everyone overawed.

The hotel houses an Indoor theme park Skytropolis, First World Plaza and Shopping Complex, Sky Avenue with multiple restaurants, eateries, cuisines from around the world &a casino. The children had a sumptuous lunch in the Terrace Café and then headed for the Gondola ride. This cable car ride in the evening gave us a bird’s eye view of the mist laden Genting highlands, the lush forests and winding roads below. Back at the hotel the children got access to unlimited free rides.

What better way to sum up day one, than in the words of Hardik who said “I’m in heaven.”

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