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Making Way for Art in History

Making Way for Art in History

Imagination is the driving force to connect with the past. Reading dry facts in the textbook, memorizing them, and later reproducing them can disconnect children from history and the study of history becomes an exercise in futility. To escape this cycle of drudgery, art is the best rescuing agent.

On the last working day of the year, students of Class 9 were encouraged to express themselves visually on the theme of Nazism and Hitler. Students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and came up with fascinating representations of Hitler. Dhruv Dhasmana, a budding artist, drew parallels between Hitler and the devil with the Nazi symbol on the devil’s face. Moreover, Prakhar Pandey drew a scene of the concentration camp and Kartik Agarwal sketched the notion of ‘enemies’ as conceptualized by Hitler.

The pursuit of art thereby triggered the students’ imaginations wherein they could express themselves freely, have fun and learn at the same time.

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