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Live session on Minecraft Education Edition by the Students

Live session on Minecraft Education Edition by the Students

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“Live session on Minecraft Education edition by the students”

‘In a very real sense, we have two minds – one that thinks and the other that feels’.

Enjoyment of learning motivates students to apply greater effort, whereas boredom only discourages effort.

Our students are complex, energetic, and tech-savvy individuals. They want to be challenged and inspired in their learning and want to collaborate and work with their peers. They also want to incorporate the technology they love into their classroom experiences as much as they can.

To give colors to their imagination, a pilot program was initiated by Aarsh Srivastava and Akshat Yadav students of class XI, wherein they took a training program titled


It was live interactive session organized by SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, LUCKNOW on 14TH August 2020 on ZOOM.

In this session, they explained that the Minecraft: Education Edition (EE) is a phenomenal tool and resource that allows students to experience learning in a way they would like to understand. Through this Edition, they can willingly study Math, History, Science, Computer science, and many other subjects by creating a new world into it.

They explored the world of chemistry in Minecraft. They gave hands-on experience on how to use the Element Constructor, Compound Creator, Lab Table, and Material Reducer. They built their own chemistry lab with spaces ready to be customized to their needs.

They also projected the camera into their world, captioned their pictures, saved a memorable moment, and stuck the pictures up a two-page book.

Creating the world through Coding in Minecraft EE was also taken up by the students by showing some programs like flower trail, chicken spawning, and typing any letter.

The session ended with Q/A round which was successfully handled by our future trainers.

“We owe it to our students to bring what 
they’re passionate about into the classroom.”

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