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Lessons Covid taught me

Lessons Covid taught me

When a crisis becomes an opportunity, growth occurs naturally! While the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted lives and started an era of uncertainty, it also accelerated growth and change, especially in the education sector.

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, we geared up for this challenge within days. Though the transition to digital lesson planning and teaching through multimedia and presentations was nothing new to us, the difficult part was to maintain the same level of interaction and capturing the attention of the students online. So, we went all out and put hours in learning new tools and techniques for engaging, accessing, and giving constant feedback to the students. But like any learning curve, we were also fluctuating at times, constantly using trial and error methods, adopting and disposing of strategies according to responses in our online classes.

One big transformation that happened to me as an educator was to embrace the vitality that change brings along. A passive team player like me turned into an active learner pretty quickly, looking for new ways to get involved, taking initiatives, and exploring new paths. This allowed me to evolve as an educator and implement 21st-century skills within my classes.

Whether it was sharing fun and innovative assignments like designing ‘Cell Applications’ or ‘Comic strip for photosynthesis’, performing experiments live, accessing the students continuously using online tools like Quizzes or Socrative, inviting real-time responses via Nearpod and Ideaboardz or initiating discussions by integrating Science with Hindi, English, culture, and values, we were doing it all and getting better at it with each passing day.

We, as educators, were exposed to not only the child but to their families as well. This made us not only more confident and inclusive but also changed our attitude towards those sudden inspections that we dreaded. In fact, peer observations and learning from others became the norm and helped us to improve our craft. Suggestions were now taken as a means to become better and not frowned upon. We did the same with our students as well. Peer reviews and group assignments allowed them to understand the importance of constructive feedback. With the increasing workload, learning the art of collaboration, division of labour, and time management became a necessity. Sometimes, doing so was difficult. At other times, it was exciting. This roller coaster of a journey certainly created a 3600 shift in our professional personality.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that you always have a choice, either allow yourself to stagnate or push yourself to rise. Sometimes, unexpected situations act like a stimulus you never knew you needed, but if responded to positively will help you to thrive.

Ms. Binish Usmani
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School-Lucknow

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