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Leading by Example

Leading by Example

Here, at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, we ensure that the students “Walk the Walk”.

Recently in one of the Grade IX Mass Media classes, three of the students; Mridul Rastogi, Hardik Raj Kapoor, and Devansh Agarwal of Grade XII (Mass Media) were invited to share their journey of the skilled subject they opted for in Grade XI. It was an extremely proud moment to witness these seniors inspiring the Grade XI students and clarifying their doubts and motivating them to pursue their dreams in any circumstance. As a facilitator at that moment, it was my immense pleasure to introduce all three guest speakers. Later, the kids themselves shared about their inclination towards Mass Media. 

“Photography is the beauty of the life captured and a photographer is the only witness.” Mridul Rastogi is one such budding photographer. Students in the class were awestruck when Mridul showed his digital portfolio, photographs, places where his photographs got featured, and the layouts of the designs which he has created for a company named The Good Food Co.

He also mentioned that in the learning phase, internships and skilled classes are always useful. He shared the benefits of opting for Mass Media as a career in the field of digital media, designing, photography, video editing, Journalism, sound engineering, video engineering, print media, and visual media. 

Hardik, a child who is interested in Graphic design and photography proudly told others that he wants to be a wildlife photographer. His words clearly depicted his goal and his effort to achieve it. He told everyone that photography is all about angles and lenses. He shared the photographs that he used to click at the beginning and the photographs that are being clicked by him now. The difference between the quality of the photographs was enough to prove how he has evolved as a photographer. In the end, he said, “ I was always ready to learn and improve. I believe that patience and consistency can lead you anywhere you want.”

There are three responses to a piece of design- yes, no, and WOW! Devansh Agarwal is the one who aims for the WOW. He told everyone that his aim is to pursue his career as a Graphic and Fashion designer. He told the juniors that this school has helped him pursue his career goals. The Mass Media classes have helped him to grow a lot. He told students that not everyone is privileged enough to pursue what they want but if they are passionate about anything and they have the resources they need to utilize it the most. Further, he clarified the doubts regarding paid and unpaid internships and he shared that in the process of learning one should choose the internships that add value to their skills rather than getting selective only for the paid internships. 

Overall, it was a powerful, interactive and healthy session among the senior students and junior students. This session helped grade XI students to get a background knowledge about the skilled subject, clarity about their career opportunities, and what specialization they should go for. 

Mohit Goswami
Faculty Mass Media and Design

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