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Jaipuria Student Shares Her Success Tips on Internships and Preparation for joining Ivy League Colleges

Jaipuria Student Shares Her Success Tips on Internships and Preparation for joining Ivy League Colleges

Summer break of class XII is the most important time for a student I believe.
This is the time when we create a portfolio of all the activities we have participated in through out our schooling.. In less than a year we will be applying for different colleges and filling up our applications.
I am trying to be as productive as possible right now and exploring my options.
I have been doing a lot of University research and how to work towards it. For this I would really like to thank Deepika Ma’am as she keeps guiding me through everything,From college hunt to internships, and suggesting. what will work the best for me. I get on a call with her atleast once a week and she is ever available to help me out.. Infact she keeps advising me which University I should check I am currently doing internship with Elethia Symposium where I’m working as the Head of Content Writing Department. My work includes writing blogs about different webinars and hosting the webinars as well.

I am also in the process of my CV building. I would like to thank my school for it because most of it is covered by my participation in school activities. I am glad that I could make the most out of all the opportunities provided by my school. People who have seen my CV were really impressed by it and just recently I got through the first round of interview for three internships, one for content writing, another one was for social media marketing and lastly a podcast host. I’m still in the process of getting selected because my final interview is still due.

The above being said, I’m facing a lot of time management issues because this is a most crucial year for me. From academics to online courses and volunteer work, I am involved in a lot. I would like to thank Shilpi ma’am because since my first day in school, she has been motivating me to follow my passion for writing. She keeps giving me advice on how I can continuously always improve and she appreciates my work too..
She has given me a lot of opportunities that are helping me today in my CV.
I’m so grateful to her for everything.

I have recently created a LinkedIn account which has been very helpful. I reached out to students in US and made connections with Ivy League students. I got all my internships from there.
Coursers is a great platform as well to do courses. I have started my first course in Media Ethics and Governance by University of Amsterdam. I chose this course because University of Amsterdam is the top University for Media and Journalism. The course is very difficult as it is something very new to me. I even failed my first test but I will take the test again . I’m a firm believer of the quote “if you can dream it, you can do it” and I look at it everyday , pasted above my study table , and it keeps motivating me to work towards my goal.





Ananya Tripathi
Class XII Humanities

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