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Jaipuria Parents Got Talent 2022

Jaipuria Parents Got Talent 2022

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On May 20th, 2022 our school organized a ‘Jaipuria’s Parents Got Talent’,  for the parents. The aim was twofold, one to provide the parents a much-needed platform to share their unique talent with the school community. The second is to collaborate and forge a stronger bond between the parents and school.  . The response to our invite was quick and heartening and we received numerous entries in diverse categories. Singing, Dance, art, and poetry stood out to be the most favorite choice. The other entries were photography, designing, blog writing, video making, and yoga. What made this event special was that the entire program was student-driven. The Student Council of 2022 planned and executed the event under the guidance of the teachers. The parents streamed into the auditorium with anticipation writ large on their faces. The first performance was a poem recitation by one of the fathers and was generously applauded by the audience. This performance was followed by many other talented parents who sang melodious compositions, showcased their aesthetic and absorbing artworks, presented their creative photographs, performed graceful dances, recited powerful poems, and performed yoga asanas. As the event came to an end, our respected Principal Ms. Poonam Kochitty congratulated and appreciated the proficient and talented parents for their superb performances. She also urged the parents to act as volunteers in the school and put their amazing talent to good use. She shared her thoughts on other life skills that children need to develop and gave the parents some food for thought.  

The program concluded with refreshments and parents expressing their heartfelt appreciation for this very novel initiative of providing the parents an opportunity to share their talents with each other.

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