Affiliation No: - 2132980 | Period: - 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2023 | School Code: - 71048 | Affiliated till Senior Secondary

International Collaboration Day 2

International Collaboration Day 2

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Quintessential Perpetuation: Uncovering the Whelved Legacies

Competition makes us faster, but collaboration makes us better’. Collaboration is a 21st century skill which helps to develop confidence and self-esteem in students. With enthusiasm in our spirits we recommenced today’s session with a brief introduction of our school by Soumya Pandey of class VIII C, simultaneously getting ready for some knowledgeable discussions and an enthralling session. The first presentation was demonstrated by Shristi Misra (VIII C) which was on an extremely gripping topic-The journey of Fossils through the years, ‘round the globe. The program was continued by Daksh Saliyan of VIII B who narrated the autobiography of a Fossil through its lens while igniting melancholic emotions for the spectators who were hearing its life story. ‘Past is the key to the present,’ this saying was clearly magnified by the duo, Vaani Shah and Ritika Deo (VIII C), who set forth the chronology of fossils and evolution with captivating facts. Virtual tours are a blessing in the current era. Geology Museum in Bandung, Indonesia which is covered in drapes of past was the perfect place for observers of the session to get mesmerised by.This tour was led by Saanvi Singh of class VIII A. It was followed by an engaging video on what can be learnt from ancient skeletons and the students had an interesting Q&A on the same. Everyone has a lot of gratitude in their heart for teachers like Mrs. Warsha Sawant and Ms. Rupali Pandit who gave their constant endeavors to co-ordinate such an entrancing learning opportunity. The session was concluded by grateful comments and lovely feedbacks by both the schools. As the host school we were appreciated for our efforts on organizing such a diverse event. Both the schools were eager to embellish the connection by hosting more such collaborative programs. After all who doesn’t look forward for such enriching sessions?








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