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International Collaboration Day 1

International Collaboration Day 1

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Collaborative session( Day 1) with Birla Public school, Doha(Qatar) –By Ritika Deo and Drishti Bajpai

We, the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School , Lucknow had a wonderful, informative and enriching collaborative session with the students of  Birla Public School, Doha .The session was initiated by a brief introduction of our school followed by a presentation on some famous fossil museums in our country. Some of the reserves shown were – Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, a fossil park in Suketi , India’s earliest human fossil found in Hathnora, Madhya Pradesh etc.

 The students of Birla Public School Doha were also eager to share their presentations. A student from the Birla Public School shared some information about the major mass extinction all over the world. Another presentation was based on the different types of fossils. They also shared some information about the fossils found in Doha (Qatar) which have been displayed in various fossil museums in Qatar. The enthusiasm in the students from both the schools was clearly visible as they all wanted to present their work. Some shared a poem; some were ready with quotes about fossils.  One of our students, shared a Shaligram rock fossil found near the border of Nepal.  

The session was full of energy and positivity, as we moved ahead towards a friendly quiz competition. The students of BPS, Doha were very quick and won the quiz by the score of 10/5. The excitement level of students during the quiz was ineffable. In just one hour of our meeting, the discussion transcended from a formal one to a casual meet and made us realize that children are so similar all throughout the world, friendly and ready to grasp information in every possible way. 

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