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Interhouse Rangoli Making Competition

Interhouse Rangoli Making Competition

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Rangoli Making has been an essential part of Diwali celebrations in our country. Although Diwali is a festival of lights, the Rangoli colours play a big role in bringing out the festive spirit during these celebrations. Therefore, to promote this traditional artform amongst our students, an Interhouse Rangoli making competition was conducted in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on 24th of October 2019. One student each, from classes 6th,7th ,8th 9th and 10th was selected from each house and they had to make a Rangoli based on the theme of Diwali, in a time duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The children had pre-planned their patterns and had come prepared with all the materials, they required for making them.Some selected colours were provided to the teams just before the competition and the challenge was to creatively incorporate the given colours in their design which added a slight twist to the competition and encouraged the students to think in an innovative manner. The criteria for judgement was the selection of the design, neatness, clarity, colour combination and creativity or new ideas implemented by the students to make their design more presentable.

The Narmada house won this competition with a good margin.They scored the highest marks in overall presentation and neatness. They had made Peacock motifs and their artistic use of vibrant colours and diyas to enhance their design was quite appreciated by the judges.

The Godawari house came second, followed by the Krishna house and then the Ganga house. All the teams put in their best efforts and after the competition the school lobby was sparkling with such beautiful use of colours and designs which added to the festive galore. Organizing such events helps students to remain in close touch with their culture. This Rangoli making competition motivated the students to perform and outshine in their creative skills and most important, work as a team to bring laurels to their house.

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