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Inter – House Marathon Competition

Inter – House Marathon Competition

Run run run till your last breath, this thought often comes to our mind while running in a marathon and today I even realized that it’s true.

Today, was my first ever marathon and the experience was unique. As soon as I entered the school campus, I noticed that some students were full of enthusiasm some were anxious whereas others like me had a wait and watch approach. The registrations for the marathon began and the house captains began boosting the participants from their respective houses.

At approx 6:50 am the marathon began. Everyone dashed off trying hard to take the lead. I was the only one left behind. But then something motivated me and I recalled a quote ” It’s never too late to be great”. I immediately started moving faster, and soon I realized that by just speeding up a little I reached the fourth position in no time.  I then spotted the girl who was leading.  I decided now I need to cover the distance and started running even faster. Soon. I was running neck to neck with her. The final 300 m was the perfect time for me to take the lead. I started running as fast as I could and eventually, I secured the first position amongst the girls from classes 9th to 12th.

The only thought that came to my mind when I reached the finish line was ” slow and steady wins the race”.

And the best was when our school caretaker (didi) came to me, gave me a tight hug, and congratulated me. That was the loveliest moment for me.

I even learned a life lesson from this marathon that ultimately being consistent is what everyone needs to learn. A big thanks to my school and our p.ed teacher Mr. Yogesh Pandey for this event.

Here’s a quote from a very famous anime character Naruto

“I just don’t know when to give up”

I hope God gives you all the strength to keep on going with consistency and discipline.

Divyanshi Srivastava
Head Girl
12 D

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