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Inter-School Event ECOFAS Results

Inter-School Event ECOFAS Results

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Inter-School competitions offer a lot more to students than just the opportunity of showcasing their skills and talents. Our students participated in one such event, ECOFAS-The International Computer Fair and Seminar organized by City Montessori School, Lucknow. Being an international event, it witnessed a participation from 40 schools globally. The children from Russia, Oman, Bangladesh and Nepal gave tough competition and amazed the audience with their powerful oratory and presentation skills.

From 27th to 30th November, the students participated in Debate, Group dance, Science Paper Presentation, Logo Designing and Doodling.

The results are as follows-

Name of the event Participants Result
COSTEK(Choreography) Ria Sawant, Ansh Yadav & Swati Yadavof grade IX and Shruti Yadav of grade VII, 2nd Consolation prize
CREATORE(Logo Designing) Anurag Pathak &Devansh Agarwal of grade XI 1st Consolation prize

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