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Innovative And Exciting Classes

Innovative And Exciting Classes

Of late I wish I could have multiple clones of myself so that I could walk into all the classes of my school simultaneously. I get to see pictures or comments of a particularly exciting class on our Activities Group and I regret not having been there. But how can one happen to be omnipresent? Here’s a glimpse of the exciting stuff that has happened in the last three days. I walked into Class XII Mass Media Class, since students have opted for various skill subjects, and saw a lesson on sound engineering taking place. Learning this craft so early on will give these children a headstart in their future careers in this field.

Then there were children of grade three learning to create QR codes and scanning them, in their Computer class from their teacher Ms Ankita.  This came as a bolt from the blue ! One wouldn’t expect elementary kids to be learning this. In another class in grade VIII the Music teacher Mr Anubhav Singh was teaching students to create playlists on Spotify and Youtube of songs from different genres and of their favourite artists.

Today I walked into grade VIII and witness a fascinating class taken up first by the Art teacher Vasundhra who taught the children to draw a face with proper specifications and symmetry in mind. The same techniques were then demonstrated using clay to create the sculpture of a human face, by a multitalented teacher, Mohit Goswami who has expertise in varied crafts.

My dream of creating a culture of constant innovation and out of box approach by every teacher is finally coming to fruition. After all the world of tomorrow that these children will enter will value skills and creativity above knowledge alone.

Ms. Poonam Kochitty
Principal – Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow

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