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India’s Best Designer 2020 – Meets Jaipuria Students

India’s Best Designer 2020 – Meets Jaipuria Students


“I don’t think outside of the box, I think what I can do with a box” and that is exactly what India’s best designer, 2020, Ms. Parul Agarwal did.

On 19 Nov, 2020, SAJS, Lucknow, virtually invited, Ms. Parul Agarwal, graduate of Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur, to interact with the students. She is a Craft Designer, specialized in ceramics. She has always been rooted and dedicated towards her culture and birthplace, Azamgarh, UP. Exploring it in different dimensions, she managed to identify herself with the age-old terracotta traditional craft of BLACK POTTERY and now has a strong identification with KABBISH, that celebrates our values and culture through one of a kind jewellery brands, which proudly showcases Indian aesthetics in a contemporary language.

It was an honour for the students to listen to this young entrepreneur talk about her exciting journey.  Ms. Agarwal began by sharing that she was an average student in her school life but her interest in designing motivated her to take the road not taken! Black pottery was something she grew up seeing, as Azamgarh is the home for black soil. She further added that she created a career  with the confluence of pots and jewellery, that is how much she was inspired by the craft.

Ms.Parul, after graduating, stood up on her feet and established KABBISH – a jewellery brand, out of her statement black pots. When asked about the meaning of KABBISH, Ms. Agarwal replied that it’s one of the most important ingredient in black pottery which gives it the natural colour. Pyau, Shikahar, Mathni, Handi and Kalash are different kinds of pot earrings with which Ms.Parul first started and this got her featured in India Story, Kolkata 2018.

Kabbish is an eye catcher, which is the reason that even before completing the mandatory three-year period they got featured in the Lakme Fashion Week.

Ms. Parul Agarwal,  has been honoured with the best designer award 2020. She is very proud of the work she does as it’s also reaching out and connecting various professions such as artisans, photographers, content creator, make-up artist, models and more.

Ms. Parul  patiently answered all the queries. She concluded by stating how she has been breaking the stereotype against the colour black and using it with great pride as she doesn’t use any artificial colour for her products. The colour black comes right out of the soil which makes the product truly pure and unique.

Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, congratulated Ms. Parul on her achievements and was proud to share her journey as Parul is her ex student. She wished Ms. Parul good luck for her future endeavours. She is an inspiration for all , especially young girls coming from small towns of the country.

Ananya Tripathi
XI Humanities
SAJS, Lucknow

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