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I stand for Peace

I stand for Peace

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow, we endeavor to make a positive impact on the thought process of students through powerful Assemblies. A variety of relevant issues are discussed and a conscious attempt is made to equip children with core life skills.

On 7th March one such powerful Assembly was taken up by Ms. Warsha Sawant the Science Teacher. She showed a visual and began by asking students, how many felt that war was a solution to the escalating tension between India & Pakistan. A few students advocated war stating that Indians must not be perceived as cowards while others felt that war has never led to permanent solutions.

On the contrary, war leads to destruction and chaos and loss of millions of lives. The teacher then shared a Ted Talk by Professor Owen Brian Toon (University of Colorado). Hearing the talk, the students realized the world wide impact that an Indo-Pak nuclear war would have on the entire planet, destroying human & plant life along with climatic conditions.

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The most important message that the students took back was that “In today’s wars there is no final victory and the only war that India and Pakistan should have is a War against poverty, illiteracy and backwardness

The students could relate this situation to the Sustainable Development Goal, Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.Another video was shared with them about the Peace Boat which starts its voyage from Japan and creates awareness about the SDGs in various countries along its route.

The ultimate question is whether we should choose peace and work towards completing these sustainable development goals or choose a nuclear war which would destroy the whole human civilization.

Last but not the least the students were asked, what can be their role in promoting peace. The students had made their choice and replied that as responsible citizens we should not spread hate messages on social media and not get influenced by fake news and rumours about any such situation.




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