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Hindi Dialogue writing

Hindi Dialogue writing

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It is Hindi Dialogue Writing today!
About 260 million people speak Hindi around the world, while about half that number has adapted it as a second language. So, if you are well conversant in Hindi, you can explore many career options like Script writing, Journalism, Speech Writing, Content Writing, etc., as the demand and need is huge not only in India but all over the world.
At SAJS Lucknow, it is our constant endeavor that the students master Hindi as a language and continuously add new words to their vocabulary.

The online Hindi Dialogue writing contest was conducted in two categories and the results are as follows-

CATEGORY 1st 2nd 3rd
VI to VII Manvendra Vikram Singh

Class VIII

Prakhar Tripathi

Class 7C

Anushka Giri

Class 6 B

Naman Tripathi

Class VII A

IX and X Prakhar Singh

Class X A

Sonal Katiyar

Class X B

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