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Guru – A Divine Blessing

Guru – A Divine Blessing

Guru Purnima is a celebration, an occasion for thanksgiving. It is a function where we can express our gratitude to all the teachers who inculcate great qualities and provide the students with great knowledge and wisdom as the” Guru” is the one who takes you from darkness to the light, from ignorance to truth.

I dedicate this blog to all my teachers and all those very special people who are directly or indirectly playing a crucial role in my path of learning. I count myself most fortunate to have teachers who are amazing in every respect. They are helping me consistently in my personal, educational, emotional, and yes spiritual growth. Truly speaking, my esteemed teachers because of you all, I am transforming into a better version of myself; my way of thinking and acting have been improved a lot.

My school has unraveled before me immense opportunities in such a short span of my journey.

I salute all my Gurus for their kindness, love, and patience and I wish to pay tribute to my Guru-Jan by taking an oath to be a lifelong learner——a seeker.

Thank you and Regards

Kovid Sharma

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