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Guest From Singapore : A Virtual Interaction

Guest From Singapore : A Virtual Interaction

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A Rendezvous

“If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.”

Rudyard Kipling-

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School we continuously strive towards excellence in all aspects of education and providing an emotionally stable and morally invigorating environment to all learners. We aim to prepare children for global citizenship.

Keeping our mission in focus, on a regular basis we have invited people from real walks of life to interact with our students and share their experiences.

04 July, Saturday, we invited Ms. Gauri Savadi, an Early Childhood Educator, currently Director for Govt. Run Preschool Centres in Singapore, to virtually interact with the students of X and XI. Ms. Gauri is a  perfect example of a life lived in service of others, is worth living.

The way she lives her life, is an inspiration to all. Apart from being an educator, she is a –

  • Professional Volunteer with Animal Rescue and Research Centre for all wildlife found in the tropical island of Singapore.
  • Volunteer with Old-Age home mainly to deliver food and keeping vigil on the old and needy.
  • Sergeant with Singapore Police Force, deployed with special unit under Airport Security – Under Volunteer Scheme
  • Volunteer with Elephant, Turtle sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia
  • Sponsor well-being & education of young children and teens in India, Cambodia
  • Volunteer with deep sea coral restoration works in South China Sea Malaysia & Indonesia
  • A hiker who has scaled 17 peaks above 1200 mts. such as Kilimanjaro-Africa, Mt Fuji-Japan, Everest Base Camp-Nepal.

She runs asocial enterprise TRAGAUR, in Singapore, which organizes connections between determined people and established organizations that endeavor to make this world a better place.

She was candid in sharing her experiences with students. She focused on observing things around, not being fearful, trying to be more and to help others in whatever way we can. She encouraged the students not to restrict their thoughts and to go out and learn in the playground of this beautiful country-India. She shared that trekking begins at the  age of  8, in Singapore. Children are taken for short treks where they learn life skills very early in life.  According to her students have an advantage of age with them to try out new endeavors in their lives.

Her zeal to live life king size, has helped her travel to various parts of the world. She mentioned that she is a solo traveler and does not wait for things to happen, she makes things happen for her. When she was rejected to join the Singapore Police Department, she did not let that dampen her spirits. She applied again and got selected to prove to herself- never to give up. She stressed that we all need to understand our self worth and appreciate it.  Once we are comfortable in our own skin then we can be more and achieve more.

She patiently answered the questions put up by students. On being asked about  TRAGAUR, she discussed that how she helps people around the world, virtually, to stay fit. She encouraged the students to take up any form of exercise to keep fit. Her enigma captured the attention of the students to know more about her work and commitment .It was an invigorating virtual rendezvous with her.

Ms. Poonam Kochitty, Principal, shared that in the past our school took students on a field trip where they enjoyed trekking and other adventure activities. She expressed her gratitude toms. Gauri for sharing her experiences with Jaipurians!

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