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Grandma Activity of Class 1

Grandma Activity of Class 1

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GRANDMA   A lesson in English Grade 1

Albert Einstein rightly quoted, “You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother”.

This week a lesson ‘Grandma’ was taken up with Grade 1 as a project-based learning unit.  The topic of the Project was – I love my grandma because……

In order to make the session interesting, the children were asked to attend Tuesday’s English class along with their grandmothers. So, on 5th May 2020, some grandmothers joined the class with their grandchildren. The excitement was palpable on the faces of the little children. After the assembly on the power of positive ‘ affirmations’ Master Darshit Jain won everybody’s heart by reciting shlokas in Sanskrit.

The children then spoke about their grandmothers and in return, the grandmothers shared interesting information about their grandchildren. It was a wonderful moment for everyone. The children whose grandmoms were not physically present shared pictures of their grandmothers.

The special bond between the children and the grandmothers was not just clearly visible but extremely heartwarming.

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